Why a Weston Scholarship?

Students visiting Kim & Gina Weston at Wildcat Hill


The Weston Scholarship was established in 2004 by Gina and Kim Weston to support high school and college students studying fine art photography in Monterey County. Both Gina and Kim wish to foster photographic education as a way of nurturing a medium that they love. It is specifically targeted for those students practicing analogue black and white photography and The Weston Scholarship is no longer accepting any alternative processes. Student photographers using digital capture and/or digitally printed photographs are excluded from the scholarship competition.

The first place scholarship is $1000, second place $500, third place $300, and honorable mentions $200. The number of honorable mention awards is at the discretion of the judges.

In addition, a $1000 Julian P. Graham Scholarship from the Pebble Beach Company Foundation will be awarded to a Monterey County high school student, whose work meets the standards of the Weston Scholarship Competition and demonstrates a commitment to the medium of photography. Julian P. Graham was the official photographer for the Del Monte Properties/Pebble Beach Co. from 1924 to 1963.

Be sure to check out our current Student Fine Print Program. These student photographs were made under the tutelage of Kim Weston.


Students must be enrolled in a Monterey County high school, college, or university during the 2014/2015 school year. Students may be full time or part time and proof of registration is required. Previous 1st place or Julian P. Graham Award ($1000) winners are not eligible to win these awards again in subsequent years. They are, however, eligible for all other award categories.


A portfolio of ten mounted (may be overmatted) photographs is required. The photographs must be made, processed and printed within the year of the competition by the applicant. Photographs can be a minimum of “4×5” and up to a maximum of “16×20”. The finished mounted pieces should not exceed “22×28”.


We will only accept mat sizes of 11×14, 16×20, 20×24 or 22×28. 

Please remember presentation of your work is very important and can influence the judging. To be able to judge the portfolios fairly, all entries must by mounted on white mat board only. Black, or other colored mats, will not be accepted. Mat boards must all be the same size.

*If you need 11×14 mat board, please contact Gina Weston – gina@kimweston.com


Portfolios will be disqualified and excluded from the scholarship competition for the following reasons:

  • Black or colored mats
  • Incorrect number of prints
  • Digitally captured photographs
  • Digitally printed photographs
  • Inconsistent matt board size
  • Incomplete paper work

All portfolio boxes must be labeled with your name and school on the outside. All photographs must be lightly labeled with name and school on the back side of the mounted photograph as well. Titles on photographs are not necessary. The signature of the student’s instructor on the scholarship application is required as it confirms that the portfolio meets the scholarship requirements.


Traditional Fine Art Photography
Figure Studies (No Nudes due to gallery restrictions) (IMPLIED NUDES ONLY)
Still Life

New Perspectives
Social Commentary


The student artist MUST provide a one page TYPEWRITTEN statement about the submitted work. The statement should include information about the photographs, the importance of the medium to the student, and any future plans that may include studying or practicing photography.

**If the statement is not submitted or submitted in violation of the above guidelines, the student is subject to disqualification from the scholarship. 


  1. Ten mounted (may be overmatted) prints in a portfolio box/case
  2. Completed application signed by photography instructor
  3. Proof of school registration of current year
  4. Artist’s statement


The portfolios will be judged by a panel of respected local artists and educators. The work will be judged on uniqueness, clarity, consistency of vision, and the quality of a finished print (printing, mounting and spotting).


Submit your most outstanding work, the best ten prints which you believe belong together as a group. A group might include one or several different categories that are listed above. Submit a portfolio of which you are proud of and would like to see hanging during an exhibition. We look forward to seeing the work!


The Awards Ceremony will be held at 6PM on Wednesday May 7, 2014 at the Marjorie Evans Gallery, Sunset Center, 9th and San Carlos Carmel, CA. Exhibition dates May 1-31, 2014.